NAUTIC 12 Racer


Designer: Andrej Justin

Total length: 12,99 m

Length with bowsprit: 14,20 m

Waterline length: 10,71 m

Beam: 4 m

Beam on waterline: 2,5 m

Inside height: 1,85 m

Draft: 1,85-2,5 changable

Top height: 20 m

Keel: 1350 kg

Total weight: 2880 kg

Engine: Volvo 20-30 HP

Rigg: 7/8 fractional

Sails: 116 sqm upwind

         396 sqm downwind


Basic equipment:

Hull: West System (Pro-Set) epoxy multiaxial glass-texture , laminated sandwich structure by hand or by vacuum injection technology, hard PVC foam. The hull and the deck are different items and and united in chemical way. The connected structure elements are fixed to the (ply wood) shell structure by glass-setting and chemical gluing. The shell structure is strengthened by ply wood and solid laminated pad. The gel is special , highly resistant resin.

Keel: cast lead bulb and steel blade. For using on Lake Balaton the keel is pullable up into the shell structure , into a transparent place.

Helm: ellipse-shaped , carbon-yarn epoxy resin , laminated structure to a hard PVC base.

Deck hardware: Harken